Sahan Seafood is a collective of amazing people striving to produce authentic and high quality seafood products.

Established in Sept 2015, in Mogadishu, Somalia, Sahan Seafood Limited became an industry leader quickly, as we obtained a large, high quality fish processing plant and cold storage facility that functioned beautifully in one of the most impoverished areas in Somalia. We were able to scale operations quickly because we are privately owned, and we leveraged job creation across the area where unemployment is very high and utilize a wealth of people who were yearning to use their skills in a genuine way. Our commitment to sustaining not only the wildlife in the water, but the communities in which we work, is what makes our level of respect so high across the industry.

Our team

Meet our senior management team

Abdullahi Hagi


Abdullahi Hagi, chairman of the Sahan Seafood Limited is an experienced and successful venture capitalist. His articulate and immense insight is an incredible asset to the Sahan Seafood Limited. With over 25 years of experience in investing and managing start-up businesses, Abdullahi Hagi is poised to help leverage the market value and share of Sahan Seafood Limited as we remain steadfast in our pursuit of becoming the largest distributor of seafood across Somalia and the greater region

Ibrahin M Burale

Vice Chairman

The Vice Chairman and International Relation Director, Mr Ibrahim Mohamed Burale, who has immense experience in International Marketing and corporate affairs.

Hamir Gedi

Managing Director

Hamir Gedi serving as Managing Director has over 20 years experiences in operations and marketing. Hamir Gedi with help from the chairman and other senior staff will be able to direct how we engage with our customers, our vendors, and our other business partners in a compelling way that builds brand and presence across the industry. That is why Hamir Gedi’s influence is so impactful, as he will be able to streamline our operations and marketing activities.


Centre Manager

Abdiqani is Sahan Seafood’s centre manager with experience in production and human resources. He is the key person who coordinates and manages the day to day operations of the centre. Over the past 10 years, Abdiqani has built a reputation in customer relations and soft skills. With his experience, skills and patience, Sahan Seafood Limited not only managed to attract a talented workforce but also reduced staff turnoff to almost zero. Thus, helping the senior management team to concentrate the core activities of the company


Abdullah Mohamud

Finance director

Abdul Mohamud is stepping in as Sahan Seafood Limited’s Finance Director. None of what our business provides can be assured without proper financial management. As a qualified chartered accountant with 20 years of experience in finance and turnaround business management, Abdullah Mohamud’s financial mind with the ability to navigate the marketplace, mitigate risk, and maintain an even cash-flow amidst industry ups and downs—preserving the assurance that we will always be a company that can grow with integrity

Sahan Seafood Limited

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